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ERASABLE, REUSABLE LABELS for Every Room in the House!

Amazing erasable surface looks new after each use.

The surface: The label is made of a micro thin, polymer film that is amazingly durable, stain resistant and completely erasable! Make instant, perfectly neat and clean edits to labels. No more mark outs, label layers, peel-offs, or reprints.

The secret: Permanent marker ink dries in seconds and can't soak into the stain-resistant erasable surface. The LabelOnce eraser will easily and cleanly remove the permanent ink every time.

People who use LabelOnce erasable labels never have to bother with peeling off, making label layers, reprinting labels, or overwriting labels. That's because writing and erasing on the glass-smooth LabelOnce surface makes it easy to change what's on the label without actually changing the label.

It works like this:

  1. Apply the LabelOnce label.
  2. Write with standard permanent markers on the erasable surface.
  3. Erase and rewrite as often as needed.

The ink comes off completely clean as often as you need.

All you get is "instant neatness."

Jokari - Label Once


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