Affordable Holiday Stocking Stuffers


Affordable Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Tomorrow is the first official day of the last month of the year! Not only does that mean this year has come and gone incredibly fast, but that it’s now necessary to kick it into high gear if you’re not yet ready for the upcoming holiday.

Even if you have the bulk of your holiday gifts bought, wrapped and ready for Santa to place under the tree, be sure not to forget the smaller details like filling up the stockings. So carefully hung by the chimney with care, it’d be a shame if the stockings were bare. However, don’t fill them with just anything. Think about the personalities and needs of the excited person that will reach into that stocking Christmas morning.

For the foodie

Holley Grainger Nutrition recently highlighted our silicone Bottletop Baster as one of the perfect kitchen gadgets to stuff into a foodie’s stocking. We’ve got a few other ideas in mind to satisfy the tastes of foodies, too!

Kitchen Gadget Stocking Stuffers

Foodies appreciate fast kitchen prep. Handy gadgets like those in our produce line are perfect for scooping ‘n cutting your avocados, peeling and zesting your favorite citrus fruits, cutting and seeding veggies, and more!

Not to mention, erasable food labels are perfect for the organized chef who keeps a pristine kitchen or lovable moms who just want to better contain the chaos.

For the wine connoisseur

There’s nothing quite like a fresh glass of wine from a brand new bottle. The Wine Saver’s self-sealing mechanism seals in that savored flavor. Ready for another glass? This gadget self opens to pour and aerate the wine. The Wine Pump is a perfect replacement for that cork that you can never get back in the bottle. With either gadget, wine stays fresher longer. Cheers to that!

For the coffee and tea lovers

For many, a morning cup of coffee or tea is essential to surviving the rest of the day. Make life a little better for the morning strugglers that need a little pick-me-up, and fast! The Coffee Press Pro and Tea Infuser Pro are perfect for the on-the-go person who wants a single cup of good, fresh coffee or tea.

For the kids

Kids like fun. Parents like function. These stocking stuffers are a win-win!

The whale Faucet Fountain makes brushing teeth more fun for kids as a boring faucet is transformed into a spouting whale!

If there isn’t a ninja in your fridge, there should be because, “How cool is that!?”  The Soda Pump Fizz Ninja™ is dedicated to protecting the fizz with a unique pump that repressurizes soda bottles to keep it fresher longer.

For young little artists to college students in dorms, the flower-shaped Note Holder is perfect for holding drawings, photos and notes; just slide items under the petals to hold and suction the flower to any smooth surface. Handy and decorative!

What will you stuff your stockings with this year?

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