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Joy of Organization

If you’ve visited the Jokari Facebook or Twitter pages lately, it may be evident that we were so excited to share our experience from attending the preview party for The Container Store’s new Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania location at The Block Northway shopping redevelopment!

“#ContainYourself,” they say! However, we’re not so sure that’s possible when surrounded by all the joys of organization in one place. Jokari’s own Vice President of Sales and Operations Kent Saller and Director of Sales Dan Simbeck experienced these joys firsthand as they attended the preview party – joys of which were heightened by locating Jokari’s own products on these brand new store shelves!

In a store where there’s simply so much to love, we’re highlighting a few favorites! (Okay, we admit we might be a bit biased in our selection of favorites, but because we’re dedicated to creating innovative products that Make Life Better, we have to share these easy organization solutions!)

Learn to love labeling.

Whether you’re labeling boxes and folders for school and office or for baggies for food storage and meal prep, it’s undeniable that labels are a key organization solution in the home. At The Container Store, Kent couldn’t help but smile at seeing our collection of erasable labels in The Container Store’s own private label packaging. Write on them with permanent marker, easily erase and reuse!

Kent with Jokari Erasable Labels

Organize your outfits.

Walking through The Container Store’s closet section is literally like walking through your dream closet. With the colder weather approaching this fall season, it’s time to organize your wardrobe. Store away summer clothes and keep your fall wardrobe neat and tidy, down to the very last accessory with items like our Hanger Pockets that keep your outfits together.

Hanger Pocket Accessory Organizer

Enter the world of gift wrapping.

As we enter fall, we also enter holiday season, which is prime time for gift wrapping. We know the feeling of sitting on the floor, surrounded by gifts, gift wrap, bows, tape and more, not being able to find what you’re looking for. Change up this all too familiar scene by storing your necessities all in one easy gift bag and wrap organizer. It’ll save you time and headache so you can instead wrap yourself in the joy of the holiday season!

Gift Wrap Products

Share the joy!

Have you spotted Jokari products on store shelves lately? Are you simply overjoyed over a particular product? Share your photos and thoughts with us using the hashtag #MakeLifeBetter!

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