Freezer Meals: Four Cool Ideas


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School is back in session and everyone’s schedules are filling up with sports and after-school activities.

As soon as the last school bell rings for the day, it’s on. From running to practice to this event and that event, time is at a premium. Usually dinner is sacrificed for a quick pass through the drive-thru.

Rather than spending your hard-earned money on a lackluster burger, spend your time enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal.

We know what you’re thinking. How could you possibly have time to cook a meal from scratch when every minute of your day is monopolized by either work or an activity?

The answer is simple: plan ahead.

One way of doing so is by incorporating freezer meals into your weekly routine. Now this will take some preparation. But when you pull out a meal that’s already prepared and ready to be cooked, you’ll be happy you took the time to do so.


  • Gather a list of recipes that you plan to make that week.
  • Compile a grocery list of all the food you’ll need to make these recipes.
  • Have the recipes on hand for the days you’ll be making that meal.

Once you’ve gotten all the leg work done, on the day of your meal, make sure that you have all the tools you’ll need to quickly turn this frozen meal into a delicious, home-cooked meal.

Start slowly and steadily

The thought of having all of your meals for a week done in one day is quite appealing, but it can also seem like a daunting task. While you’re still trying to get the hang of it, consider starting off by making only two to three meals at a time. This will help you get into the groove and iron out any kinks you might have in your method.

Also, making too many meals in one day can lead to excess, which can then lead to it heading right to the garbage. Save your money; find the meals that your family loves and add those into your rotation.

Label everything

Part of being organized is knowing exactly what you’re working with. Labels are a great way to keep your recipes and yourself organized when it comes time to cook. While it may seem like an extra step when you’ve already done some prep work, adding labels to your meals will help you out when the time comes to cook that meal. To make it even easier, we have an entire line of erasable labels that you can use and re-use when assembling your freezer meals.

Use the right tools

You’ll be chopping, measuring, scooping and more when you’re prepping your freezer meals. To make this all a bit easier, we’ve created the Jokari Baggy Opener that will help you easily transfer all of your ingredients right into the bag. Check out the review from Shopswell to see it for yourself!

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