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‘Tis the season to be merry! While “being merry” for some may involve the enjoyment of festive adult beverages, it’s important to remember to keep properly hydrated at holiday time. In efforts to keep hydrated and also provide more drink options for your guests and their children, give holiday infused water a try!

There are many varieties of flavored water on the market, but sometimes these contain unnecessary ingredients. Why not keep it natural? All you need is a simple flavor infuser, water and a few fresh ingredients of your choice to make a delicious holiday drink that’s as refreshing as seeing a fresh layer of snow on Christmas day!

Check out these tried and true holiday infused water recipes or get creative with festive flavor combinations of your own!

Apple Cinnamon Ginger Water

Apple Cinnamon Ginger Water

Nancy Creative was inspired to create infused water that’s as fitting for fall as it is winter. Fresh sliced apples are delicious, especially when combined with cinnamon sticks as the perfect combination. Looking to spice it up ever so slightly? Adding fresh ginger root will do the trick. Combine all ingredients into our innovative flavor infuser ball, refrigerate overnight and enjoy the next day! As Nancy mentions, if you squeeze fresh lemon juice on your apple slices before putting them in the infuser, they won’t turn brown, so your water creation will look fresh as can be!

Cranberry Mint Water

Cranberry and Mint Water

This cranberry and mint water is just Oh So Delicioso! The red of the cranberries and green of the fresh mint simply pull in the colors of Christmas into one festive, refreshing drink of water that’s made extra refreshing by the cooling mint. Combine fresh cranberries and mint into our flavor infuser and feel free to serve immediately!

If you’d prefer it instead of cranberry, combine the mint with grapefruit instead! According to The Chalkboard, grapefruit is a great option for flavor as it helps to boost metabolism (ideal considering the holiday feast we’re all about to eat!), strengthens our immune system and has the power to reduce stress – even the stress from holiday gift shopping!

Water, in general, is a good idea as it helps keep us hydrated during the day, but these creative holiday infused water recipes make drinking water taste even better, which can #MakeLifeBetter.

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