How to Make Homemade Lemon Extract


Homemade Lemon Extract

The fall and winter months are a prime time for bakers. As we prepare for the upcoming holidays, baking is sure to be in the forecast.

In this blog, we’re focusing on one ingredient in particular, lemon extract, and how it can be added to your baking routine this year. As they say, when life gives you lemons, Make Life Better with homemade lemon extract – or something like that!

Lemon extract can be used in recipes that need that lemon-infused flavor. Bundt cakes, cookies, muffins and various other breads are some of the more common recipes that would require lemon extract.

We want to give you a brief rundown on this zesty ingredient. Lemon extract is a concentrated form of oil that’s derived from lemon peels and alcohol. Given the fact that oils often contain active ingredients from herbs and plants, there are health benefits that are associated with this ingredient:

  1. Stress reduction – Lemon extract is full of essential oil compounds that could help reduce both psychological and physical stress.
  2. Immune system booster – Lemons are a great source of vitamin C, which can help strengthen the immune system and prevent various respiratory system infections.
  3. Detoxification – Lemon extract has many diuretic properties that make this oil a viable solution for detoxing. Furthermore, the detoxification properties of lemon extract can help prevent urinary system infections.

Keep Moving Mama is a blog, whose author, Wendy, writes to help reach moms with her message that focuses on food, fitness and the confidence to find balance in both.

This influential blogger wrote a blog that was dedicated to making homemade lemon extract. In this post, she gives her readers a look at how she made her own extract and she just so happened to use our Citrus Pro 4-in-1 multi-tool in the process! 

Homemade Lemon Extract, Citrus Pro

So, rather than choosing the store-bought variety, which can cost you more money than you’d like to spend, consider taking the time to make your own lemon extract with the help of Keep Moving Mama’s recipe!

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