How to Prepare Proper Portions for Pasta Night


Baggy Opener With Pasta Ingredients

If you have even a pinch of Italian in your heritage, you know a thing or two about Thursday pasta night. A big bowl of spaghetti, tortellini, or other preferred pasta floats family-style around the table as you’re surrounded by hungry loved ones.

While friendly and excited conversation occurring throughout dinner might slow down the eating a bit, it’s still so easy to overindulge with all of that delicious food laid out in front of you. From steamy pasta to warm bread flavored with cheese and garlic, Thursday pasta night might just be the best day of the week.

At Jokari, we strongly believe a hearty plate of pasta, in fact, does #MakeLifeBetter. At the same time, it’s important to keep proper portion control in mind – for the health of your family and yourself.

With healthy eating in mind, we’ve prepped a few tasty tidbits that will help keep pasta night in check, while maintaining all of the flavor and savory spice!

Smartly use the tools of the trade

Have you ever wondered what that circular hole in the middle of your pasta spoon is really for? Fun fact! In many cases, this hole can be used to help you measure one-portion servings of straight pasta, such as spaghetti noodles! At Jokari, we took this a step further to innovate pasta night. Why? Let’s look at pasta night portion control in two steps.

From Cooking

Pasta Basket Portion ControlWhile the right pasta spoon with a properly-sized hole in the middle can help measure one-portion servings of straight pasta, what about other types of pasta noodles like penne, elbow, ziti and more? This pasta basket measures one portion of these various types of pasta to make pasta night cooking that much easier. Plus, use the hole in the handle to measure your spaghetti noodles, too! Fit up to four pasta baskets into one boiling pot and cook four types of noodles at one time. Now, that’s something to make a hungry group happy!

To Serving

Pasta ServerPortion size is not only related to how much you’re cooking, but also how much you’re serving. Many of us try to scoop food to fill the space on the plate. Remember, we’re not looking to fill a whole plate necessarily, but to fill our plate only with the proper portion sizes. Using a pasta server like the one in our Healthy Steps collection can be of help as an indication tucked away on the inside of the spoon marks one serving of pasta or sauce. Measure without anyone at the dinner table knowing you’re measuring.

Save leftovers for later

Baggy Opener Pasta SauceThe best part about not overeating is having leftovers for later! Package up your leftover noodles and sauce in separate baggies, label each bag with the date, and store in the refrigerator for later. That’s less cooking you’ll have to do during the week! According to Still Tasty, even homemade, tomato-based pasta sauce lasts about four days when stored in the refrigerator, so you’ll be set with meals or sides for the next few days.

Happy Thursday! From all of us at Jokari, enjoy pasta night!

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