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Make Life Better.  It’s not just a tagline, but something we at Jokari live, work and play by. Every Jokari gadget and solution we bring from idea to actual product is designed and created with that exact notion behind it – how can we help Make Life Better?

Recently, we received an amazing letter from customer Susan of Port Carling, a township in Ontario, Canada. We were so incredibly touched by Susan’s words that we just had to share the good that she and her friends are helping to bring to their local community, with the help of our hands-free Baggy Opener.

Check out Susan’s story! 


I wanted to share my story about how your product is now helping to change the way we can provide our local food bank with real food.

In December of 2016, I began making freezer crockpot meals for a friend who was struggling with some medical issues.  They were a great help to him and soon after I began making them for him, we heard of a young couple who had lost their home in a fire while in the hospital delivering their first children – twins!  I gathered some friends and we created a meal exchange of freezer crockpot meals and donated one meal per person to this young couple, as well as a new crockpot. At the end of three weekends, we had given them over 30 meals that would easily feed a family of four. They said it was, by far, the most helpful donation they received.

West Muskoka Food Bank LogoThis year, I came up with the thought of making freezer crockpot meals for our
local food bank (West Muskoka). The food bank contacted the health department and the only requirements we had to meet were that the meals were made in a health-inspected kitchen, that they be labeled and made by someone with their food certification. [At my workplace], my bosses generously offered to allow us to use the kitchen here.

Your bag holders have helped enable us to change the way our fellow community members survive the winter. A few of us use these bag holders every time we make our crockpot meals. These bag holders allow us to speed up the time we use to prepare the homemade meals that will eventually be picked up by families who struggle through the winter months.

…we have made 240 meals that have, or will, feed at least four people each.  That's 960 hot meals made of real food thanks to the freezer meals made by volunteers and the bag holders that make our preparation that much easier.  I will be continuing with this project until May with the hope that we can get these families, and any new families that will eventually go to the Food Bank, through the worst of the season until jobs become available again.

Thank you to you and your company.  I'm sure you don't get many stories like this that make you realize just how much of an impact a hands-free bag holder can have and how many lives your company can touch.

Kind regards,


Port Carling, ON

Food Bank Volunteer Group

Food Bank Meal Prep with Baggy Opener

Food Bank Freezer Meals

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