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You’re standing in the middle of a grocery store- sniffing, knocking, shaking, squeezing- and you still end up with unripe fruit. How is that possible? When it comes to picking fresh produce, everyone has a different opinion or trick on how to get the perfect orange or watermelon. It’s hard to sort through all of the opinions and who has the time to research each fruit in the middle of a crowded grocery store? Well, these helpful tips will grapely simplify the fruit picking process.

 Apples: Obviously there is a range of colors to choose from with this fruit. When you’re choosing, make sure the fruit is rich in its natural color and it should be firm.

Bananas: The ideal look for a banana is a solid yellow color speckled with brown. Greenish bananas haven’t ripened yet, but they’re a good purchase if you plan on eating the bananas later. Just make sure you wait until their coloring is right.

Blueberries: These fruits should be firm and brightly colored (though a white sheen is natural). When purchasing, always examine the container from all sides first. If the container is stained or leaking, the berries are likely beginning to spoil.

picking blueberries

Cherries: The best cherries are plump and shiny with a dark red shade. Make sure you’re also checking that their stems are intact- this means they have a longer shelf life.

Grapes: Look for grapes that are plump, firm, and heavy for their size. The heavier it feels for its size, the juicier it is. Also, make sure that the grapes are firmly attached to the stem and examine them to make sure there are no wrinkles or brown spots

Oranges: This is a fruit you should inspect for its weight (again, to ensure maximum juiciness). It should also have a firm and smooth skin. Avoid those that have coarse, thick or spongy skins.

Pears: These are typically picked before they ripen, so when you’re searching for them make sure you look for ones that are getting soft just below the stem. They should also be free of bruises. They will ripen themselves if stored at room temperature.

picking strawberries

Strawberries: Fresh strawberries will be firm with their cap stem still attached. They should also be fragrant and uniformly red without green or yellow spots. Check the bottom of the container to make sure there aren’t any spoiled or crushed berries buried underneath.

Watermelon: This fruit should have a symmetrical smooth surface with a pale green color. When you pick it up, it should be firm and sound hollow when thumped.

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