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It seems that space is always at a premium. Everywhere you look and in every corner of your home, there’s stuff.

It’s everywhere. Whether you live in an apartment, a condominium or even a smaller house, getting organized and making use of the space that you have can feel like an uphill battle.

Hang in there, because it doesn’t have to be.

At Jokari, we know a thing or two about storage solutions and how to make the most of every space, even the smallest ones. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Get creative.

Let’s say that your place doesn’t have a designated spot for your crazy t-shirt collection. Rather than having piles upon piles gathered in the corner of your bedroom, make use of the space that you do have. In your bedroom, you likely have a nightstand next to your bed that your charging phone and a lamp rest on. That’s the traditional use of a nightstand. But, if yours has cabinets or open space underneath, it’s no longer just a nightstand. It’s a place that will house your t-shirt collection. That’s right; even the most unconventional spots can act as a storage solution, too. Getting organized requires creativity and thinking outside-of-the-box.

No space is off limits.

When it comes to tight quarters, like we mentioned before, space is at a premium. One way to make use of the area that you do have is to look at what some might deem “dead space” as a place to get organized. Let’s take your walls for example. Sure, they’re great for mirrors and pictures; but, they’re also great for shelves. Adding shelves to the various rooms in your place is a great way to organize your items and since they’re on display, you’ll have to neatly organize your items, too. A win-win if we do say so ourselves.

Behind every door there’s… organization.

Odds are you have a closet in your home. Whether it’s small or large, you have space that’s not being used. One place in particular is your door. Yes, your closet door is a place for storage. Hats, caps and clothes all need a place to go when they’re not being used. Let’s put it out there that the floor of your closet isn’t a good option. Rather, behind the door is the perfect place. Get organized by using storage solutions that hang against the back of your door to maximize your space and keep it tidy.

If you’re living in a tight space, you have to employ a touch of ingenuity and creativity in order to maximize the space that you have. Go against the grain and beyond the traditional organizational tactics and you might just find a solution that works best for you!

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