Three Super Easy Tips to Organize your Closet


Closet Organization 101

As a kid, you were afraid that monsters lived under your bed and in your closet. Now, as an adult, your bedroom closet is still a scary place; but, this time around, it’s frightening because of the messiness that lives within that space.

You know what we’re talking about, the piles of clothes on the floor of the closet, shirts that haven’t left their hangers in years and shoes upon shoes without their matching mate anywhere in sight.

Your bedroom closet can be a scary place, but it doesn’t have to be. In this blog, we’re giving you some easy, no-brainer tips to get you on the right track to organizing your closet space!

Use the right hangers

We’ve all been there before. You go to hang a shirt, only to have it slip off and fall into the black abyss that is the bottom of your closet. Part of being organized is having the right tools ready to go. An assortment of hangers will help you find the right fit for your jacket, pants or shirts. For example, a nice, sturdy wooden hanger is perfect for suits, while hangers with padding are great for more delicate apparel.

‘Tis the season

If it’s the middle of summer, there’s no reason for your sweaters and heavier clothing to be taking up valuable closet space! If you want to free up space, organize your closet by the season. When it’s fall/winter, stow away your summer/spring clothes and vice versa. Not only will you gain valuable clothes-hanging real estate, you’ll also be able to sort through your clothes and decide if you’d like to keep or donate some items, too!

Clutter be gone

Just as we mentioned in the previous tip, taking an inventory of your closet every three to four months is a great habit to get into. The reason your closet gets messy is likely due to clutter, which is a direct result of too many items in one place! Go through your closet and either reorganize (put clothes on hangers, match your shoes and fold sweaters, etc.) or start a “donate” bag where you can place the clothing you no longer wear. Not only will your closet be clutter-free, you’ll also be helping someone in need.

Organizing your closet can seem like a daunting task. But, it doesn’t have to be. Take it little by little and implement a process that works best for you! In the end, you’ll want to create habits that you know you can keep, in an effort to have your closet looking great again!

If you’re ready to get organized, keep these three tips in mind when you go to battle the messy monster living in your closet once and for all.

There’s more where this came from! Check back in the coming weeks for more organizational tips and tricks!

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