Three Ways to Grill your Way Through Fall


Fall Grilling

It’s official! Fall is finally here! Though it might not feel like fall just yet, the season is upon us and many are excited for the autumn festivities that lie ahead!

But just as many are excited, others are a little blue knowing that they’ll have to retire their shorts, flip flops and their coveted grill for another year – or so they think.

Yes, the shorts and flip flops probably aren’t the most conducive articles of clothing for fall, so maybe those should be retired for the year, but your grill can stay right where it is!

Just because the temperatures are dropping and the leaves are turning colors doesn’t mean that you have to part ways with your best friend of the last four or so months.

When it comes to fall grilling, you can add a bit more creativity to your endeavors. New produce is available and the flavor combinations are very robust. With that being said, here are three ways to keep an open flame this fall!

  1. Roasted vegetables – Grilling your vegetables helps to eliminate any messes in the kitchen. Keep the roasting pans in the cupboard because all you’ll need is the grill and some foil. Squash, onions, carrots and potatoes are all delicious vegetables that you can cook right on the grill. Prep with your favorite produce tools, toss them in some olive oil and the spices of your liking, then place them on heavy duty foil to begin the roasting process on the grill.
  2. Get creative – There’s nothing wrong with classic grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, but the fall lends itself to a bit more creativity when it comes to marinades! Dark, seasonal beers are not only good for drinking; they’re also good for marinating as well. Find a recipe that tickles your fancy. Reserve a portion of the marinade on the side and use our Bottletop Baster Silicone to brush on a final coating before serving!
  3. Fruity ideas – Apples, bananas, figs, peaches and pineapple are just a few deliciously grillable fruits! Don’t stop there! Coat the fruits in a mixture of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon and return the fruits to the grill. The sugary mixture should crystalize. Once you see the beautiful amber coloring on your fruits, remove and serve over ice cream!

Are you hungry yet? As we welcome a brand-new season today, don’t put your grill away. Take note of our three helpful ideas and keep on grillin’!

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