Three Ways to Stay Healthy this Fall

Fall Apples

Though fall doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd, we’re planning ahead and serving up three ways to maintain healthy eating habits, even though pumpkin-spiced lattes and other calorie-laden foods are on the horizon.

Fall is a time of festive fun. Football season kicks off, which means it’s tailgate and party time! Fall also means that sweet, pumpkin-flavored treats are around every corner and on store shelves, tempting you for the next couple of months.

Though fall is a wonderful season full of beautiful change, crisp air and cozy sweaters, it’s also a time where people slowly fall off the wagon and indulge in too many treats.

With that being said, here are three helpful tips to stay healthy this fall!

Don’t let life throw you for a loop.

The kids are back in school and with that comes after-school activities, practices and more, which doesn’t leave you a lot of time to make or serve a healthy meal – or so you thought! Rather than becoming a regular at your favorite fast food chain, take the time to plan ahead and meal prep your weekly meals. Not only will this help you stay organized, but it will also help you stay healthy as you make a conscious effort to find recipes that are full of nutrients and won’t add on the extra pounds. If you need some ideas, we’ve got your meal prep covered!

Fall into produce.

Watermelons, berries, peaches and the like are saying goodbye for another year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the delicious fall varieties of produce. Fall lends itself to healthy fruits and vegetables, like crisp apples, vitamin A-packed pumpkin, Brussel sprouts and more! Fruits and vegetables with dark, rich colors are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients and can help you avoid piling on extra pounds. Kale is also an extremely popular vegetable to add to your repertoire. Here’s a simple Lemon-Garlic Kale Salad recipe from the New York Times to get you started!

Stay hydrated.

In the warm summer months, you are constantly aware of your thirst, so much that it may seem like you can never have enough water on hand. As the temperatures start to cool off, you might not be as cognizant of your daily water intake because you might not be feeling as parched. However, staying hydrated is very important in keeping your body running at an optimal level and keeping your immune system strong. Switch up your boring water with our help.

With a new season on its way, take note of these three tips to stay healthy and happy this fall!

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