Time-Saving Thanksgiving Tips that Make Life Better


Time-Saving Thanksgiving Tips

In just a week, we’ll all be sitting around the dining table, gathered with family and friends as we celebrate Thanksgiving. This is the holiday that’s often filled with love and gratitude for the things and people in our lives that simply Make Life Better. While Thanksgiving day is a wonderful time to gather with loved ones, the prep and clean-up can sometimes leave us overwhelmed and tired (not just because of the tryptophan in the turkey!). Follow these few tips for a Thanksgiving that will run just a little bit smoother.

Prep what you can in advance.

It’s usually a struggle trying to plan everything out appropriately to optimize needed oven time. When you’re cooking a 20+ pound turkey, there’s no doubt that not much else will be able to bake at the same time. So, prep work in advance is important! Bring out your favorite prep tools and get to cookin’ a day or two ahead of time so that the majority of your side dishes are ready to hit the table after a simple reheat. 

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Take 10 seconds for faster knives.

In a perfect world, our knives would be sharp and ready all the time, never dulling from repeated use. However, even with many nice knife sets on the market, it’s likely over time our favorite cutting tools will become less than sharp. Don’t worry! In just 10 seconds, you can be on your way to slicing and carving that Thanksgiving turkey quickly and easily, so long as you have a proper knife sharpener on hand. In 3-4 strokes, this 10-second sharpener will have your non-serrated knives ready to go.












Organize leftovers to be enjoyed later.

Leftovers – the part we’re most thankful for after Thanksgiving! Delicious home-cooked food stored in the refrigerator and ready to heat and eat for several more days? It’s like you meal-prepped without realizing you were meal-prepping and that’s a beautiful thing. After you’ve packaged all of your leftovers into their appropriate baggies and Tupperware containers, be sure to label. Not only will this help you more easily keep track of what’s what, but you’ll find that a more organized fridge equals a more organized mind.

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