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Mom Superhero

If you have ever needed proof that superheroes exist, look no further than the face of mom. We’ve searched not so far and wide to find proof of how amazing moms are at holding together a home; and by holding together a home, we mean she’s probably literally holding it together with her super powers because she’s seriously that incredible. Just take a look at these top reasons moms are superheroes at home!

She can feed an army.

We’ll admit we may have teased mom a time or two about how much food she made for a small family dinner, but if we’re honest we acknowledge we were actually awed by her ability to “overdo it” with such purpose, speed and confidence in the kitchen.

While it’s possible her favorite apron was actually a superhero cape she just liked to wear backwards (because she’s trendy like that), we have come to discover reasons beyond super powers why mom was so savvy in the kitchen space. As it turns out, proper planning and food preparation are huge time-savers (Moms love that!).

Take a tip from mom and plan out at least a week’s worth of meals. You’ll find that knowing “What’s for dinner?” in advance eliminates a big stress and multiple trips to the grocery store on the way home from work. Take it a step further by spending some time on the weekend meal prepping freezer meals. The kid in us may grudge at the thought of spending so much time upfront on something we won’t enjoy until later, but – as mom always said – patience is key and you’ll be glad you spent the time when you see its rewards.

She has ninja-like organizing skills.

Storage and organization is no monster for our superhero moms. From the kitchen to every other closet and nook and cranny of the home, mom knows just where to keep everything. How many times have you as a child asked, “Mom, where’s my [name any item here]?” At lightning speed, mom delivered.

We’ll continue to fully believe she has ninja-like organizing skills, but as Single Mama Blueprint alluded to, it’s okay for our superhero moms to have a little help from equally ninja-like products. In a blog post, Single Mama Blueprint highlighted some “fancy-shmancy tools that are pretty cool” to keep around in case you need them. As an example, think of Erasable Food Labels as the Robin to your Batman. “Now these bad boys are pretty awesome. They’re like half label and half ninja-material,” said Single Mama Blueprint. “…give it some time to ninja-stick before getting it wet,” said the blogger, eager to see how these useful labels live a seemingly invincible life – from freezer to fridge to dishwasher, time and time again.

She’s a protector against things big and small.

From burning our fingers to avoiding sticky little hands, mom always tried to protect us from everything big and small. However silly some of her precautions may have seemed at the time, it’s understood now that everything she did was in an effort to Make Life Better. Moms, we thank you for that!

Tell us about your superhero!

What does or did your mother always do at home that simply helped to #MakeLifeBetter? Share with us using the hashtag #MakeLifeBetter on Facebook or Twitter!

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