Two Ways to Think About Frozen Food Differently


What comes to mind when you think about frozen food? It’s likely that some of you are thinking about foods in the realm of frozen TV dinners or items that are far from what we might actually consider fresh and nutritious. On the flip side, however, there are a lot of perks and pluses to meals that are actually prepared in advance and frozen for later eating and enjoyment. National Frozen Food Day is this Monday, March 6th, so we encourage you to think frozen food reimagined!

Healthy & Nutritious Freezer Meals

When we say “freezer meals,” we’re talking about healthy meals prepped in advance and frozen for later. These meals maintain their nutritional value and cook or reheat just as well once thawed for a delicious meal. It wasn’t long ago that we shared just how amazing freezer meals actually are. Recently, Jokari customer Susan of Port Carling, a township in Ontario, Canada, showed us how she and an amazing team of volunteers make freezer crockpot meals to benefit their local West Muskoka Food Bank! Can you believe this team was able to make 240 freezer meals? Let’s think about the math here. 240 freezer meals that feed at least four people each – that’s 960 meals ready to feed hungry individuals in need!  

Food Bank Volunteers

While that may be thinking on a larger scale for the greater good of the community, you can do the same thing at home to be prepped and ready for family meals to come for weeks. It does take some time upfront to meal prep, but you’ll be amazed, as you get into the swing of things, how many meals you can make in a short period of time. Just check out blogger Carrie with Eating on a Dime who’s really got this freezer meal thing down! In just one hour, Carrie (a busy working mom, by the way) prepped ten freezer meals. That’s more than a week’s worth of meals you’ll be set for. Don’t just take our word for it; the proof is in these amazing photos and recipes she shared. We love how she used our Baggy Opener to help with prep.

Freezer Meals on Baggy Openers

Freezer Meals Easy to Prep & Serve

Freezer meals are easy to prep and even simpler to serve as these bagged meals are ready to cook and reheat at the drop of a chef’s hat.

Another great benefit of freezer meals is that these prepared foods actually keep for quite some time. If you’re ever unsure on how long certain foods keep, you can always check out for backup, but we further recommend to always date each individual freezer bag. You don’t want to play a guessing game when it comes to your family’s food safety, so labeling each bag is more than a good idea. Try our unique, erasable freezer labels. These little helpers are made to withstand both the cold of the freezer and heat of the dishwasher. Just a little something to #MakeLifeBetter!

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Freezer Labels

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