Ways to Eat Avocado


The avocado is one of the hottest foods on the market right now, and the popularity is understandable. The fruit has plenty of vitamins and is loaded with fiber and healthy fats. It can help with pain from arthritis, protect your eyes, and even help you lose weight. Avocados are also incredibly versatile and can be included in many foods. Here are just a few of our favorites.

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An egg cooked inside of an avocado.

Arguably the most famous avocado dish, this Mexican dip has been a staple at parties and restaurants for decades. Adding extra ingredients like corn or pineapple to the basic recipe is an easy way to make it more vibrant.

Potatoes (be they sweet or otherwise) aren’t the only plant that can be turned into fries. Whether you deep fry them or bake them, avocado fries are a healthy replacement. Serve with ketchup or aioli, if you’re feeling bold.

Why not? A mixture of avocado, lime juice, milk, cream, and sugar can create a better-for-you version of the frozen dessert. If you prefer popsicles, recipes for avocado pops are available online-we love this one.

Avocado is a pretty popular choice for flavors, and seeing how margaritas are already somewhat creamy, the idea of an avocado margarita isn’t too out of place. You can also use them in daquiris and martinis.

Another common way to get your avocado fix is add it to your smoothie. They can work in place of a banana or in conjunction with it to make the drink even creamier. Mix it with kale for a true power snack.

Cut an avocado in half, drizzle with lemon juice and olive oil, and grill for 2-3 minutes cut side down. Ta-da! You have the perfect side dish for barbeques and picnics and a healthy alternative to chips or potato salad.

Much like how an avocado can replace a banana in smoothies, they can also be used to turn banana bread into avocado bread. Mix in some chocolate chips for a fun breakfast treat. Alternatively…

Kids craving pancakes, but you worry about the carbs and sugar? Make avocado pancakes! True, they end up green, but tell them that Dr. Seuss made them and they’ll never know the difference.

An avocado smoothie or milkshake.

Instead of alfredo, make a creamy sauce using avocados for your spaghetti. Mix in some corn or tomatoes for extra nutrients or add a few slices to your mac and cheese. It also works as a ravioli filling.

Avocado milkshakes are quite popular in the Philippines and are easy to make at home. Just combine avocados, lemon juice, ice, milk, sugar, and ice cream in a blender and serve in a tall glass.

Get in touch with the millennials and enjoy this version of the breakfast staple. Avocado spreads are easy to make (or buy) and can be used in place of butter as a topping.

Plenty of different sushi rolls use avocado as an ingredient. Some examples include California rolls, dynamite rolls, Philadelphia rolls, and spider rolls.

Adding an avocado to your salad is a great way to make it more filling and delicious. Most restaurants charge a bit extra to add it, but it might also be on the salad bar. For the same reason, using it on sandwiches can mean skipping a side dish (and a few calories).

The hole left behind by the seed of an avocado is perfect for filling. Add eggs, tuna, or various other vegetables and fruits for a simple and complete meal in one.

Avocado toast on rye.

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