4 Baggy Openers + Free Gift

Product Description

Get your extra set of hands, making meal prep easy! The Baggy Opener folds flat for storage and works with most size storage bags.

Directions: It's this easy!

  • Adjust arms to hold various size bags.
  • Simply place bags under clips and fill.


Free Gift!

To keep your meal prep organized use these Erasable Food Labels! Your FREE Erasable Food Labels are designed to hold up under extreme conditions without deteriorating! It's as if the label was built into the baggie or container of choice.

70 assorted size laminated erasable labels are microwave, freezer, & dishwasher safe! Labels allow t the e marker to be erased as often as needed. Erase quickly and cleanly.


Comes with:

  • (21) Erasable Food Labels - 1” x 2½”
  • (21) Erasable Food Labels - ¾” x 1¾”
  • (28) Erasable Food Labels - ½” x 7/8”
  • (1) ink eraser
  • (1) marker


Not suitable for use on stove top or in conventional ovens.

$ 29.99