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When you travel somewhere, do you tie a ribbon to your luggage so it stands out from the rest? Have you ever used an ice cube to get gum out of someone’s hair? Maybe there’s a tennis ball hanging in your garage so you know exactly where to park your car without hitting the back wall.  All of these are examples of solutions people have found to everyday problems that help make life a little easier.

Do Anything Better: Clean Your Microwave 0

Microwaves have changed how we cook, saved us countless hours in the kitchen and made leftover night an easy weeknight dinner option. Cleaning the microwave, however,  is easily one of the most difficult and frustrating chores out there.


Until now.


We researched and tested several different cleaning options, from using window cleaning solution (did not smell great and we were scared our food would taste like window cleaner) to heating a handful of wet paper towels and using them to wipe it down (may have worked, but we value having fingerprints). One option, however, worked wonders--and it was super easy, too.

Pour one cup of water and one tablespoon of lemon juice into a bowl or other microwave safe container and heat for 5-10 minutes. Remove the bowl and use a wet sponge to wipe down the microwave. The steam will have loosened any caked-on food am will make scrubbing, well, a piece of cake. (This trick also works with vinegar instead of lemon juice, but we didn't love the smell.)



Bonus Tip: Bowls too hot to get out of the microwave? Our Jokari Bowl holder is cool to the touch, and makes getting hot bowls out of the microwave a breeze.  As an added bonus, when you buy two of our Bowl Holders, you can save 20% on your purchase with the promo code MICROWAVE. Hurry! This offer ends on Tuesday, February 13!


Write The Perfect Thank-You Note 0

At Jokari, our goal is to make life easier, and there are some things in life that everyone should know how to do.  Today we’re going to make life easier by brushing up on our writing skills, thank-you note style. You may have been forced to write them as a kid, but now that you’re a grown-up, it’s time to revisit this lost art and learn to send a sincere note of gratitude.

For this task, we enlisted the help of an expert: Michelle Detwiler is a high school English teacher (and grammar snob) that lives in Asheville, North Carolina.  Michelle teaches letter-writing every semester and  gave us the following tips:

  1. Date your note. That being said, you need to write your note in a timely manner. If you get a gift, you should send a thank you note as soon as possible...but definitely within a month.
  2. "Dear (state their name)," is the correct salutation.  Oh, and make sure the recipient's name is spelled correctly. This may sound like a no-brainer, but if your uncle spells his name “Stephen” and you write a note to your Uncle “Steven,” you’re not setting a very thoughtful tone.
  3. The first words on your note should be “Thank you.” Thank the person for the gift, mention the occasion, and talk about something specific you will use the gift for or like particularly enjoy.  “Someone took the time to get you a gift,” Michelle said, “Don’t write a generic note that doesn’t show the giver that you know what you’re talking about or that fails to mention that you enjoy the gift.”
  4. Thank them again for your gift.
  5. End with a closing ("Sincerely," always works) and sign your name.



“And DEFINITELY don’t email a thank you note,” Michelle added. It’s true...everyone likes to get something other than a bill in the mail. Who knows? Maybe 2018 will be the year we bring handwritten notes back in style.

Oh and do you prefer to give instead of receive? Don't forget that our Paula Deen Holiday Collection is on sale through January 31 when you shop at amazon and use the promo code PAULAX15.

Repurposing with a Purpose: Cheese Grater Edition 0

At Jokari, we are huge fans of repurposing. Sure, you can get a lot of use out of  products the way they were intended. But it’s incredible how many OTHER ways you can use things, too.

Our Healthy Steps Cheese Grater is AMAZING for portion control. It's easy to go overboard when it comes to adding cheese to salads or pasta or basically everything. This grater keeps serving sizes in mind and takes the guess work out of portion control. 






Did you also know that our cheese grater could help you turn a bar of soap into liquid soap?

Let me say that again, this time demonstrating exactly how excited we are about this:


That’s right. You can make a bottle of fancy liquid soap using our Jokari Portion Control Cheese Grater.   

 Here’s what you need:

1. Cheese Grater

2. Bar of soap (unscented or choose your favorite scent)

3. 1/2 Tablespoon Liquid Glycerin (Don’t get scared off by this! You can buy liquid glycerin online, at your local grocery store, or even at a drug store. You don't need much, but it's vital to not only thicken your soap but also give it a moisturizing benefit.)

4. Large Pot filled with 5 cups of water

5. Spatula, measuring cup and measuring spoons

6. Soap container with hand pump

7. Container for holding excess soap (This makes a lot of soap. You'll have extra. You can use a clean milk jug, mason jars, clean soda bottles...)

8. Funnel for pouring soap (have you tried this?)

9. Optional: essential oils for making scented soap (note: a little goes a long way with essential oils.)

Here’s what you do:

  1. Grate ½  cup of soap (one bar of soap will give you about a cup and a half of soap)
  2. In a large pot, add your grated soap, 5 cups of water, and ½ Tablespoon of Glycerin. Keep heat on medium low and stir until soap to dissolves. Remove from heat; allow to cool completely.
  3. Use your funnel to fill up your containers.
  4. Enjoy your new liquid soap!


Successful Housewares Show! 0


The Jokari team is back from the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago which ended last week.  We visited with current customers from the United States and abroad, and many new customers wanting to check out our handy, innovative products!

Of course, we were thrilled for the opportunity to show off some of our new offerings available soon!   In our Kelloggs line, joining the Froot Loops Cereal Box for easy, portable snacking are boxes for Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Rice Krispies, and Honey Smacks. 

Our new Keebler Cookie Dunker is THE way to eat cookies!  This fun straw holds a cookie for easy dunking in milk while Ernie, head Keebler elf, holds your cookie in the milk, out of the milk or in between!   The Rice Krispies Kones can be filled with Rice Krispies treats and layered with your favorite add-ins like sprinkles or icing for a one-of-a-kind Rice Krispie creation.

Our wildly popular Whale Faucet Fountain will be joined by a new friend, the Dolphin Faucet Fountain.  Jokari’s Bowl Holder and Plate Holder fit around your bowls and plates so that removing them from the microwave won’t burn fingers or laps while you’re eating.  We didn’t want to forget our furry friends so for them, we have our Popsicles so that you can make frozen treats for Fido and pals. 

If you’re looking for a way to corral all those pot/pan lids in your cabinet, our Lid Holders are for you.  One 4-piece package will hold two lids attached to the inside of the cabinet door.  With the popularity of our Pull-Up Hanger for keeping camisoles in one small place, we created the Leggings Pull-Up Hanger.  This clever hanger lets you easily hang, view and remove leggings.  The hardest part is deciding which to wear!

Keep an eye on our website,, in the NEW PRODUCTS section so you’ll know the minute they’re available!!

Two Ways to Think About Frozen Food Differently 0

Freezer Meals on Baggy Openers

National Frozen Food Day is this Monday, March 6th, so think frozen food reimagined! Frozen meals can be healthy and nutritious and are easy to prep and serve!