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Successful Housewares Show!


The Jokari team is back from the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago which ended last week.  We visited with current customers from the United States and abroad, and many new customers wanting to check out our handy, innovative products!

Of course, we were thrilled for the opportunity to show off some of our new offerings available soon!   In our Kelloggs line, joining the Froot Loops Cereal Box for easy, portable snacking are boxes for Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Rice Krispies, and Honey Smacks. 

Our new Keebler Cookie Dunker is THE way to eat cookies!  This fun straw holds a cookie for easy dunking in milk while Ernie, head Keebler elf, holds your cookie in the milk, out of the milk or in between!   The Rice Krispies Kones can be filled with Rice Krispies treats and layered with your favorite add-ins like sprinkles or icing for a one-of-a-kind Rice Krispie creation.

Our wildly popular Whale Faucet Fountain will be joined by a new friend, the Dolphin Faucet Fountain.  Jokari’s Bowl Holder and Plate Holder fit around your bowls and plates so that removing them from the microwave won’t burn fingers or laps while you’re eating.  We didn’t want to forget our furry friends so for them, we have our Popsicles so that you can make frozen treats for Fido and pals. 

If you’re looking for a way to corral all those pot/pan lids in your cabinet, our Lid Holders are for you.  One 4-piece package will hold two lids attached to the inside of the cabinet door.  With the popularity of our Pull-Up Hanger for keeping camisoles in one small place, we created the Leggings Pull-Up Hanger.  This clever hanger lets you easily hang, view and remove leggings.  The hardest part is deciding which to wear!

Keep an eye on our website,, in the NEW PRODUCTS section so you’ll know the minute they’re available!!

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