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Mommy On The Go: DIY Push-Pops 0

Along with all the joys of summer come the terrible heat waves. And on those days, where you and the kids are sweating through your clothes, nothing is more refreshing than a frozen treat. The last thing you want to do on a hot sticky afternoon is to clean up a mess of ice cream or a spilled smoothie. One way to avoid the hassle- make the kids push-pops! It’s the perfect frozen treat to not only avoid the inevitable mess, but also cool both you and the kids down with refreshing fruity goodness. The DIY recipe’s are also super easy, involving only two to three steps. Step one, get the Jokari Push Pop Container! Step two: choose a recipe. Step three: enjoy!

Picking Fresh Produce: Veggies 0

With the summer season in full swing, everyone wants to feel good and healthy. Any summer diet would be incomplete without one ingredient: fresh veggies. They’re incredibly healthy for you, low calorie, and filling- perfect for keeping you feeling energetic in the summer heat. But finding fresh veggies isn’t an intuitive process, it takes some serious research. And you don’t want to be googling avocados all day-  you want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Well, you won’t be-leaf how easy it is to find fresh veggies with these tips.

Picking Fresh Produce: Fruit 0

You’re standing in the middle of a grocery store- sniffing, knocking, shaking, squeezing- and you still end up with unripe fruit. How is that possible? When it comes to picking fresh produce, everyone has a different opinion or trick on how to get the perfect orange or watermelon. It’s hard to sort through all of the opinions and who has the time to research each fruit in the middle of a crowded grocery store? Well, these helpful tips will grapely simplify the fruit picking process.
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Mommy On the Go: Treating Yourself 0

When you’re a busy mom, taking care of yourself always falls behind taking care of your family. It’s a logical sacrifice, but you need to be careful to not spread yourself too thin. If you don’t occasionally take a little while to relax and treat yourself, the stress and pressure will eventually cause major health issues. Instead, try these little things to pamper yourself between mom duties.

Mommy on the Go: Time-Saving Tips 0

When you’re a busy mom, you find yourself wishing for even just a few extra minutes. This is especially true with summer vacation arriving. Whether you’re planning a trip out of town or indulging in a “staycation,” whatever you can do to save some time is extremely welcome. Here are a few ways to shave the seconds and beat the clock.

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