About Jokari

Our History

Jokari Paddleball Game Set

For over 50 years, we have been introducing some of the "world's first" and best-selling products and accessories which have won retailer and world fame

Owned and operated by Americans. Research and development is done in America, while products are sourced domestically and internationally. 

Jokari has been turning inventions into “best-selling” products since our founder, Sam Ligon, and his Texas partners agreed to pay royalties to an inventor in France for the exclusive rights to manufacture and market their invention. The invention was called Jokari®, which they turned into a product that set new retail sales records at the time and won world fame in the 1970’s.  As the company grew, more and more inventions were licensed from inventors and turned into Jokari products.


Our Mission

To "Make Life Better" for people by turning inventions that offer a better way of doing something into successful best-selling products.





1. The next innovation following the old or current product or service

2. A future product or service: 
"Every car company's jokari will be on display at the tradeshow in Detroit." 


new, what's new, next


Our Philosophy

Jokari offers innovative and unique solutions for you and your family. We work to develop and design unique products to meet the changing needs of the global marketplace. We’re proud to transform bright ideas into best-selling products that Make Life Better.


More Jokari History

  • Fizz Keeper® for 2-liter bottled beverages (1988)
Fizz Keeper Pump and Pour
  • Looney Tunes character Fizz Keepers (1994)
    • Invented “loaded” merchandising strips for Walmart (1994)
    • Invented “loaded” Walmart checkout bins (1994)

    • Polyurethane Flower Pots (1995)
    • American Pottery formed and sold to Fiskers Company in 1997 ($25 million acquisition)
    • Over-the-door storage products introduced and created a whole new retailer category (1996)
    • Purse Rack and Cap Rack lines (1996)
    • Fizz Keeper® for beverage cans (2002)
    • Health and wellness line
    • Gadget line
    • Gift wrap and gift bag organizers (2005)
    • Personal care products line
    • School and office line
    • Water bottle beverages line
    • Canned goods line
    • Beer, wine and spirits line
    • BBQ and grilling line
    • Coffee and tea line
    • Household/non-foods line
    • Frozen foods lineLooney Tunes Chip Clips
    • Chips and bagged goods line
    • Cleaning supplies line
    • Food storage line
    • Laundry line
    • Pasta line
    • Produce line
    • Sauces and salad dressing products line
    • Cutting products line (Quick Cut)
    • Licenses (2016) - Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Kellogg’s, Pringles, Paula Deen

    Over the years, Jokari has collaborated with retailers to innovate their stores. With the help of retail giants, Jokari invented the world’s first merchandising strips that would be pre-assembled with new products and then shipped to their stores to be hung in their aisles...another innovation that helped to merchandise Jokari products and turn them into best-sellers.

    So, the next time you walk down the aisles of a retail store and see innovative new products hanging from a pre-assembled merchandising strip, think “Jokari” and smile. You can always count on us to try to innovate and “Make Life Better.”

    Intellectual Property

    All patents, trademarks and copyrights are on file at Jokari.