Meet our Mascot, Chipper Cloud

Chipper Cloud story


Our new mascot, Chipper Cloud, inspires ideas!

With Jokari moving towards it's 50th year of bringing ideas to life, we are celebrating and challenging our team with a mission to launch a record number of 47 products in one year. In order to do that, we are going to need lots of ideas. So, we found and licensed the character that represents the moment an idea pops into your head and you say, "I've got an idea!"

Chipper Cloud Idea

History of Chipper Cloud

The origin of Chipper cloud goes back to when the author and inventor, George Davison, was in his tree house as a young boy and would get ideas that he wanted to make. He wondered, where do ideas come from? It was the curious mind of that young boy who conjured up this character and then brought him to life years later. Now, when people get an idea and they say, "I've got an idea!" they know they've had an inspirational visit from that happy cloud, Chipper.

The Story of Chipper Cloud

You may have already seen Chipper Cloud on television during the Emmy nominated show Tomorrow’s World Today on the Discovery and Science channel. The show features innovation and technology from some of the largest corporations in the world. The host of the show, George Davison, created a book called “Chipper Cloud” which led to curriculum that goes into public and private school Innovation Labs®.

His motto of “Let’s Go Create” speaks to anyone, regardless of age, who wants to tap into their creativity and make the world a better place.

Chipper Cloud's Book

Chipper Cloud

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